Rate Promise

The car rate you reserve is the final car rate you'll pay!  
In Summary:  Budget.com makes renting easier than ever because the online rate we quote you for the car and associated car taxes/surcharges is the final car rate you'll pay.  
How our Rate Promise works: rent today

When you return your car to the rental location, you'll pay the total amount due according to the rental agent's calculations. If you believe that you were charged more for your car rental than what you were quoted on your original reservation confirmation and the rental agent is unable to explain or resolve the difference to your satisfaction, review all Rate Promise terms and conditions below to determine if you could be eligible for reimbursement equal to the amount of the difference between the two rates.
  • To qualify for this program, your original reservation must have been made on budget.com.
  • This Rate Promise applies only to the car rental information tied directly to the original reservation. Your final Rental Agreement data must identically-match the original reservation rental location, dates and times and car class selections.
  • Your promised rate is defined as the dollar amount of the car rental, which includes the rate for the length of car rental, car rental taxes/fees/surcharges plus the basic rental rate (not including taxes/fees/surcharges) for any options you select online and save to our reservation system. It does not include the basic rental rate and associated taxes/fees/surcharges for excess mileage charges, fuel, and other options or additional equipment that you choose to add at the counter or fees for earned Frequent Traveler points or Reward Day redemption. 
  • This Rate Promise may not apply to drivers under age 25, because some locations allow under-25 drivers to rent for an additional daily charge, which is not included in your online rate.
  • A reimbursement will be issued when you meet the Rate Promise criteria, and when the car rate charged on the final rental agreement is greater than the car rate locked in on the budget.com reservation confirmation.
  • An online claim made through the Rate Promise reimbursement request form must be submitted within seven business days (Monday through Friday) after the vehicle is returned to the rental facility.
  • Budget will reply to all claims via e-mail, whether your request is approved or denied.
  • If approved, a reimbursement will be issued to the same credit card used at time of rental. Reimbursements will be processed within 10 business days from our receipt of claims.