Company Accounts

Find the office to help you!  
In Summary:  Almost anywhere in the world your company is located, there's a Budget office to help you set up a corporate account! If your company is based in any of the following countries, please contact us at the phone number listed below to get started.  

Car rental phone numbers for calling within other countries
Please note the phone numbers for the countries listed below are for calls made from within that country only.
Australia (13) 0036-2848
Brazil (all areas except Sao Paulo) (080) 0725-2000
Brazil (Sao Paulo only) (11) 2117-2000
Canada 800-268-8900
Canada en Francais 800-268-8991
Japan 03-5695-1351
Korea (02) 724-7063
Malaysia 800-80-1563
New Zealand (08) 0028-3438
Papua New Guinea 323-6244
Philippines 02-8187363
Singapore 6532-4442
Taiwan 0080-65-1415
Thailand (02) 203-0250
United Kingdom (084) 4544-3455