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Life's short -- save time!  
In Summary: Save time with reservations and rentals by creating your Budget customer account number. Your RapidRez® Number will help to speed you through the rental process. The time you save will be your own!  


Faster reservations.  Less time at the counter.  A RapidRez Number speeds you through reservations and rentals!  Once you give us your preferences, we'll keep them on file for all of your future rentals.  A RapidRez profile enables you to:

  • Automatically apply your personal data and discount information to your reservation
  • Save your vehicle class preference to reserve a car online with One-Click Booking 
  • Save your protections preferences to speed you through the reservation process
  • Update most profile information online instantly

Create your RapidRez profile and start saving time today.

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Looking to save time picking up your car? You need Fastbreak! We'll keep all your rental preferences on file and your signature too for our fastest, easiest rental experience! Reserve your car in seconds with our One-Click Booking feature at, and save time at over 800 Fastbreak locations worldwide:

  • Counter Service - At Fastbreak Counter locations, just stop at the Fastbreak counter to flash your license, grab your keys and go.
  • Choice Service - At many major airports, Fastbreak Choice lets you by-pass the counter, access an easy check-in monitor, find your name, head to your car, and go.

You can avoid long lines and your paperwork will be waiting - but only if you join Fastbreak!