Fastbreak®service Terms and Conditions

Your advance acceptance of these terms enable you to speed through your rentals!  
When you rent a car, usually you must stop at the counter to sign the rental contract. However, as part of Fastbreak enrollment we'll allow you to sign off on the terms of your rental contract in advance so you'll no longer need to sign for every rental!  

Budget's Master Rental Agreement includes all of the legal terms that you would need to agree to if you rented at any Fastbreak location. When you sign up for Fastbreak service, your advance acceptance of this Master Rental Agreement allows you to spend less time completing the required paperwork when you pick up your rental. For this reason, when you enroll in Fastbreak it is important for you to be familiar with all of our Fastbreak Terms & Conditions as part of the Master Rental Agreement, as any of them can affect you.